“With her highly astute editing skills, Melissa greatly elevated the quality of my manuscript. In addition to making the text clearer and more effective, she has a great ability to reorganize the order of material so it flows better. I have not received that level of assistance from other editors I’ve worked with.

Melissa is also fast and very reasonably-priced. That’s quite a combination of qualities! I feel very fortunate someone connected me with her. I highly ecommend you work with Melissa, as that will help you succeed.”

- Richard Shane, PhD

Developer, Sleep Easy

“Like most first-time authors, I was nervous about giving my baby to an editor to carve up. Melissa was gentle with her feedback, and offered suggestions that were both logical and intuitive. She was especially helpful with structure and organization, and her experience with the self-help market took my book from merely interesting to very effective within a couple of drafts. Highly recommend.”

– Epiphany Jordan
Karuna Sessions
Author of the forthcoming Somebody Hold Me: the Single Person’s Guide to Nurturing Human Touch

“Melissa has helped me to nurture my authentic voice as a writer and get clear on the bigger picture of my story and message. Her knowledge of the publishing world combined with her innate wisdom shine through in the way she empowers authors to get their work out there. From punctuation, to title, to flow, to marketing, Melissa has a wealth of knowledge that I feel so grateful to benefit from.”

– Harmony Kwiker
Aligning with essence, loving from wholeness

“I have had the pleasure to work with Melissa Kirk on a number of writing projects. She was my editor on several books and she and I co-authored a book, Depression 101. Melissa has always been such a joy to work with. She clearly has been the best editor I have teamed up with during the past 25 years. Technically, she knows her stuff. She is creative, flexible and a team player. Every project was made significantly better thanks to her help and expertise. Beyond this, she also is simply a wonderful and decent human being. She is a gem. I can recommend her very highly.”

– John Preston, Psy.D
Professor emeritus
Alliant International University, Sacramento

“She provided the quality insights I was looking for from an insider in the self-improvement space. Definitely recommend Melissa for your editorial needs.”

– Palak Shah
Upcoming books (titles not final):

The Gita Project: How an Ancient Hindu Text can Help You Achieve Peace and Success

Brand Genuine: Using the Wisdom of Karma Yoga to Achieve your Professional Dreams