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If you’re ready to start your journey towards publishing or distributing your wellness book or other product, check out my comprehensive packages.

I offer everything from basic assessment and strategy advice to full-service packages that take your project from idea to finished product and beyond.

My rates depend on the complexity of the project. If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for by clicking on the tabs below, please send me a note about what kind of help you need. We can schedule a time to talk by phone and I’ll create a custom bid.

  • Reviewing your material for your wellness book, app, class, workshop or other content, assessing the hook, writing, tone, audience and market.
  • Providing a detailed assessment plus suggested next steps.


  • Market research on your topic and audience.
  • Assessment of which publishing option would best suit your goals for your project, based on your budget, timeline, and other factors.
  • A “compare and contrast” document outlining expenses, pros and cons, and options for each — designed to help you decide.
  • Up to 2 consultation phone calls.



I highly recommend that, if you’re  creating a content-based project,  you implement your marketing plan at least 3 months before your planned release date.

Developing and implementing a marketing plan, including:

  • Research on best practices in marketing for your book, app, or other wellness product (based on topic, format, and audience behavior).
  • Developing a detailed marketing calendar for three months.
  • Creating or outsourcing other necessary marketing assets, if needed (does not include payments to other contractors).
  • Connecting with influencers and getting you on their platforms.
  • Establishing you as an expert.
  • Consultation on your existing online presence and developing a strategy for improving it, if necessary (including SEO consultation, assessment of your web content or development of an effective website).

$6,000 for 3 months

Optional add-on (rate to be determined based on content strategy):

I write all content, including books, ebooks, freebie content, e-newsletters, emails, guest blogs, social media posts, web copy, and other material as needed (minimum of 5 pieces of content per month or equivalent).

  • Conceptualizing book concept.
  • Creating Table of Contents (or editing/revising current TOC)
  • Developing content: developmental editing as needed on chapters/content you write.
  • Publishing strategy: planning the best publishing approach based on your goals and budget.
  • Management of publishing process, including working with other professionals — designers, marketers, printing companies (Fee does not include payment to other professionals).
  • Marketing consultation, including outsourcing of marketing/promo help if necessary (Fee does not include payment to other professionals).


  • Conceptualizing book concept based on your ideas.
  • Creating the Table of Contents (or editing/revising your existing TOC)
  • Developing content: developmental editing as needed on chapters/content you write.
  • Research on appropriate publishers/agents.
  • Writing book proposal to editor or agent, depending on strategy.
  • Project management of pitching process–sending out proposals, tracking proposals, communication with editors/agents, contract negotiation.


  • Market and content research
  • Project management of content from start to finish (content is defined as: books, ebooks, blog posts, articles, website copy, technology application, video)
  • Project management includes strategy, scheduling, hiring and working with contractors, and managing delivery of content. Does not include writing, creating, or developing content itself.
  • 3 hours of phone calls per month on strategy, ideas, business-building, content development, community-building.


in startup phase (first 2 months)


thereafter (minimum 3-month contract)

Optional add-ons: fee to be determined based on project specifications.

  • Add content creation (writing books, ebooks, blogs, articles, video scripts, etc)
  • Add content development of existing writing (editing books, ebooks, blogs, articles, video scripts, etc)

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From Richard Shane, Ph.D

Melissa greatly elevated the quality of my manuscript… have not received that level of assistance from other editors I’ve worked with.

From Epiphany Jordan, Karuna Sessions

Like most first-time authors, I was nervous about giving my baby to an editor to carve up. Melissa was gentle with her feedback, and offered suggestions that were both logical and intuitive.

From Harmony Kwiker

Melissa has helped me to nurture my authentic voice as a writer and get clear on the bigger picture of my story and message.

From John Preston, PhD, ABPP

Melissa has clearly been the best editor I have teamed up with during the past 25 years.Every project was made significantly better thanks to her help and expertise.