I cultivate vegetables just like I cultivate your content!

Hello, I’m Melissa

I’ve been writing, editing, creating, and developing content for decades, including 19 years in nonfiction book publishing, over 25 years blogging (yep, I had my first blog somewhere around 1994), and, more recently, writing and developing business plans, web content, branded marketing content, e-books, and catalog copy.

I enjoy writing that’s engaging, interesting, concise, and relevant to the topic, without a lot of confusing jargon or unclear concepts.

I can help you create content that excites and intrigues your audience, because when I work with you, I will delve deeply into what story you want to tell and what your goals are for your content. Questions I’ll ask will include:

  • Who do you want to reach?
  • How do you want your story to change your audience?
  • What will draw your audience to your ideas?
  • How can we make your content meet your audience’s hopes and expectations?

I work very closely with my clients to help them create the legacy they are hoping to cultivate from their content, whether it’s in the form of text or video, and from blogs to business material to books to instructional writing.

There is a lot of content out there in the world, much of it not very compelling nor interesting. Don’t you want yours to stand out? Get in touch with me and let’s chat.

Contact me for a free consultation at melissa@wordstohoney.com!